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Can you guess what you see!

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Kwizzly is a new style of a quizz game. Easy to play, hard to master. Challenge your friends and become the ultimate Kwizzly champion!crown

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Beat the clock!

Kwizzly will show you a picture of something. Can you solve the Kwizz? How fast are you? You compete with everyone around the world! Kwizzly is super easy, much fun and FREE. What are you waiting for? Give it a try!

What is it?

Once you have started, there is no time to loose. Just look closely! When you think you know what you see, tab the screen and enter your answer. It’s that simple! But beware… you have to be sure. If you enter a wrong answer, you might never be able to solve the Kwizz again….

Can you beat your friends?

Let your friends know and share a Kwizz via Facebook and Twitter! They might join the competition and beat your time! Is it you or your friends who will become the ultimate Kwizzly champion? You’re about to find out!


BEWARE: Kwizzly is really addictive! At first I just wanted to see every picture, than I began to challenge my friends. All of a sudden, I had started the ultimate competition. My kids love Kwizzly, too. Hopefully it will have more images in the future! :)

Lenny Davis

I got to know Kwizzly by a friend of mine who was trying to solve all “kwizzes”. Very nice game if you have to wait for a train or just want to kill some (short) time. The graphics are really nice but it could use some sound effects. I don’t really dare sharing images via facebook anymore because my friends then want to challenge me. I’m just a casual gamer. Anyway, well done Kwizzly team!

- Rolf

Rolf Kanto

I looooooove the cute animals! Some of them are just so sweet <3
I really like Kwizzly but I’m not taking it competitive. I just want to see all the animals :)


Very nice game! Keep up the good work! I just wanted to ask: Do you plan to add more pictures from time to time? If Kwizzly is updated frequently I really can give away five stars!


Kwizzly is one of my favorite games right now! Can’t wait for you guys to come out with more pictures. I really give my best but it seems that a lot of people are faster than me. So I just compare times with my friends.

Jennifer K.

Simply amazing!!!!!!! Waiting for more!! :D


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